Beech bag
11kg for 1,50 euro

1,80/1,85 mp for 118 euro

Leafy mix 11kg
for 1,45 euro


Wholesale only - firewood from 50 mp

2011/2012 season - No retail sales

Eneco firewood is a product of the highest quality, who is sold to the UE countries from many years. Firewood is packed in bags of 30 liters, weighing 10-12 kg, cured and dried to a moisture content up to 25%, stacked on a pallet, stretch contracted, ready to receive stock.

In our offer you can find different types of wood such as:

  • Birch - a nice smell of burning wood
  • beech - long burning time
  • oak - the high energetic
  • MIX - mixture of birch, beech and oak


Questions on pricing, please submit e-mailem or fax . We create an individual offer for You!

Prepared wood is packed in raschel sacks or sold separately in box palettes. The products are specially created for our wholesale customers (we can change the volume or the size of the bag on request). Wood is ready for immediate use in the fireplace or in the oven. We have machines for cutting and splitting wood and equipment for packing bags wood on pallets. We have the chamber (where mostly winter) We dry wood.



Wood in the air

Natural air drying of wood

Wood in the hall

We take dry wood to make room in the court for the next batch of wood still fresh ...

The wood in pallets in bulk

The pallets for sale - wood in bulk 2 mp in pallet!

Bags with firewood

Bags of wood up to 12 kg presented for sale!