Leafy mix
11kg for 1,48 euro

Beech bag
11kg for 1,73 euro

1,80/1,85 mp for 126 euro

Wellcome to Eneco

Eneco is the whole polish capital! Eneco produces high quality firewood, cultivate and harvest energy willow Salix Viminalis. In his tender, has several genotypes of planting willow branches. Eneco also produces biomass from willow. Beech, oak and birch used to produced firewood are acquire from FSC forests.


Start of sales in 2012/2013 season

The first cargo move to Denmark.

End of 2011/2012 season - 31 march 2012

It was difficult season. Customers from Denmark, Germany and Norway performed the receptions at the level of 65% of the contracts.

Start of sales in 2011/2012 - 17 june 2011

The first cargoes sold-wood beech gearbox enjoys the greatest popularity.

Eneco wins Forbes ranking - 04 April 2011

Eneco won Forbes and Newsweek's Family with the greatest Sales Dynamics ranking. See the details on promoter page. read more...

Football Club Sponsorship - 25 January 2008

We also thank the players and activists for their effort in the development of football in our region!

Biomass research - 20 September 2007

We conducted a series of tests of our biomass. We are prepared to sell the plant for the power station...

Commercial Strongman for ENECO - 12 June 2007

Commercial Strongman Szczecinecki District 20 April 2007 Eneco got prestigious award ...

We introduce a new product - a substitute for bark - 21 May 2007

We test new product - a substitute for bark. Willow chips have an interesting look, smell nice and have high humidity. We are interesting your opinions.

We sponsor a football club Orzeł Łubowo - 21 May 2007

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Contest Winner FORBES 2011

Commercial Strongman Szczecinecki District